Founding CWG for Art and Design Teacher Education and Pedagogy

In Cumulus network there are a lot of expertise in art and design pedagogy. Many schools carry out also an art and design teacher education degree programme or special study modules of art and design pedagogy.

Art and Design Teacher Education and Pedagogy CWG will aggregate this expertise within Cumulus network and promote co-creative development of innovative pedagogy and learning in art and design education, especially related with art and design teacher education and pedagogical study modules.

Martti Raevaara from Aalto University (School of Arts, Design and Architecture) Emilio Paroni from Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) organized a mini survey within Cumulus members during February-March 2017 to find out if there is interest and need to launch a new working group under the art and design teacher education and pedagogy.

Based on the survey feedback we made a call for the foundation meeting of a new CWG within Kolding Cumulus Conference in May 2017. In the first CWG meeting there were over 15 participants. The meeting included the introduction of the CWG concept and goals and a short group discussion of ideas for our future collaboration forms, as well as some case study presentations (ZHdK, Aalto University, WdKA Rotterdam).

The second CWG meeting will take place in Cumulus Paris Conference April 2018. There we will continue the discussion about the goals, working methods and digital platforms for interaction, and make decisions of concrete steps forward.

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