Call for Rapporteurs!

For a workshop organized by:
Cumulus Art and Design Teacher Education and Pedagogy Working Group

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Cumulus conference: Around the Campfire, Resilience and Intelligence
Friday 31 May 2019 at 11-12.30 + 13.30-15.00. Rovaniemi, Finland, University of Lapland

The aim of this workshop is to summarize the new skills, attitudes and knowledge we learn about in the Cumulus Rovaniemi conference that our students will need to acquire for their future.

We need your help

As a ‘Rapporteur’, you’re asked to ‘spot’ key competencies while attending conference sessions and panel presentations. Can you help us make this workshop a success? Please contact us and we’ll share the plan of action. Right now, we’re preparing snappy notebooks and a kick off session to brief the rapporteurs at the beginning of the Rovaniemi conference!

Please contact Mo Ling Chui from Design Competency Futures to become a rapporteur

Mo Ling Chui

For more information about the organizers, pedagogical background:

Call for Workshop Participation: Identifying Creative Competencies