Design Competency Resource Workshop +

Thursday 13th April
13.30 – 15.00
Room SR. 006 / Zoom
Antwerp, 2023

Come and join us for an inspiring co-design workshop in Antwerp. We’re preparing a session that is active, collaborative and creative!

In the past five years we have discussed and developed design competencies and how they can be taught, during Cumulus conferences in Hong Kong, Kolding, Paris, Rovaniemi or most recently in Detroit.

During Cumulus Antwerp we will facilitate a hands-on workshop in which we will be demonstrating the cumulative work, the Design Competency Resource, co-create competency case studies and then strategize next steps…

Cumulus Association has asked us to co-develop the Resource to also include Art Competencies and with those, evolve it into the Creative Competency Resource that will live on the Cumulus Website.

This is quite a major opportunity that needs us all to contribute. Hoping to see you in Antwerp on Thursday the 13th.

For more information
For a sneak preview of the current Design Competency Resource, look at:

To get more background information or if you want to contribut, get in touch:

Pr. Job Rutgers
OCAD University Toronto, Canada

Dr. John Fass
LCC London, UK