About AADTE Art and Design Teacher Education and Pedagogy

In Cumulus International Association of Universities and Colleges in Art, Design and Media there are a lot of expertise in art and design pedagogy. Many schools carry out also an art and design teacher education degree programme or special study modules of art and design pedagogy.

Art and Design Teacher Education and Pedagogy Cumulus Working Group (AADTE CWG) will aggregate this expertise within Cumulus network and promote co-creative development of innovative pedagogy and learning in art and design education, especially related with art and design teacher education and pedagogical study modules.

The AADTE CWG will share experiences and different models of art and design teacher education and pedagogy and promote co-creative development projects of pedagogy and learning between CWG participant and partner schools of Cumulus network.

This is a great change to reimagine, co-create and explore future proof and relevant working methods in our AADTE CWG, and make our collaboration more vivid and deeper.

Please feel warmly welcome to the AADTE Working Group meetings.
Minna & Andreas

Minna Suoniemi,
lecturer, Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Department of Art.

Andreas Kohli
professor, Zurich University of the Arts, Department of Cultural Analysis.

AADTE @ cumulusconnects.org

At cumulusconnects.org you will find more information about the previous meetings: https://cumulusconnects.org/blog/category/aadte/

AADTE @ Facebook

We launched a Facebook page to support our further collaboration. Please join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/330037041297733/ and invite also other members to AADTE CWG on Facebook.