Call for Workshop Participation: Identifying Creative Competencies

You can help us to make the workshop a success. Please look at the Call for “Rapporteurs” in this AADTE WG blog.

You’re at the end of an inspiring conference (hint: Campfire) that featured an abundance of workshops, papers, lectures and discussions on the future of art, design and education. You are inspired and made new connections, but what can you bring home to teach differently? What new art + design competencies did you learn about that your students should attain to prepare themselves for their future in art + design?

In this workshop on the last day of the conference, we aim to help you answering this question and together create an inventory of what we all learned. The workshop will be hands on, collaborative and playful. Building on our experience of facilitating these sessions in the last three Cumulus conferences, we are preparing a series of ‘creative’ props, tangible tools and cards to probe conversation, depth and clarity. Stay tuned!

The workshop
At Friday 31 May, we hope to facilitate a creative, inspiring and effective workshop with approximately 30 conference delegates. After a brief introduction on workshop process and outcomes, we will host a series of round table conversations in order to establish a deep understanding of art + design competency themes that have emerged throughout the conference. After each table has established a short list, we will initiate a plenary discussion in which competency themes, synergies and contrasts across the tracks are being identified.
Post conference, we plan to document, illustrate and describe the elicited competencies in a public facing website, and ask for the full delegates list to provide their feedback, comments, references, case studies and more, to make sure that the findings respond to the annual theme of this year’s conference.

Call for rapporteurs
In order to make this workshop inclusive and representative we want to make a call for so called conference ‘rapporteurs. ‘Rapporteurs’ are conference delegates who are being asked to listen, and analyze key competencies while attending conference sessions and panel presentations. Can you help us make this workshop a success? Please contact us and we’ll share the plan of action.

How we got to here…
At Cumulus Hong Kong (2016), Pr. Job Rutgers from OCADU in Toronto began a partnership with Dr. John Fass and Mo Ling Chui from UAL’s London College of Communication (LCC). This partnership applies design thinking to the creation of design pedagogy and design curriculum. Since then, the group presented workshops and papers on Design + Art Competencies at Cumulus conferences in Kolding and in Paris. In 2018 it organized a large workshop at AIGA in Minneapolis and presented a paper for the Design Research Society Conference in Limerick, Ireland. At Cumulus Paris we agreed with Cumulus conference organizers (Luisa Collina and Martti Raevaara) to integrate the format of the competency workshop to date into the pedagogy working group, in order to create an annual platform to summarize and synthesize findings on art + design competencies.

We are: Design Competency Futures
The facilitators of this workshop (Rutgers, Fass, Chui) are founders of the Design Competency Futures initiative. As design educators and researchers, we have seen how the discourse on design thinking has popularized design far beyond the profession of design. But how do design students acquire their valuable competencies? In order to find out, at conferences around the world we facilitate workshops with leading designers, design educators and design administrators and co-investigate, co-create future proof design competencies. For more information on our process please refer to

Time: Friday 31 May 2019, 11:00-12:30 and 13:30-15:00

Get in touch:

Pr. Job Rutgers
OCAD University Toronto, Canada

Dr. John Fass
LCC London, UK

Mo Ling Chui
LCC London, UK

Download detailed information about the workshop PDF
Download Call for “Rapporteurs” PDF