Abstract “Considering the Development of Creative Agency through Art and Design Pedagogy as an imperative.”

This presentation is built upon observations, reflections and thoughts from my teaching of graphic design in an American university project in the context of Qatar, a nation seeking to develop its own creative capacity in its aspirations to transition from a petro to a knowledge economy as well as to orient its traditional culture to dynamic global networks of creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

The core question I will attend to is looking at design teaching and pedagogy’s imperative and potential in developing creative agency as contextualized within both individual and collective contexts. Briefly, I will provide a mapping the nature and basis of creative agency and consider its relevance to emerging conditions of technology, sociocultural transformations, disciplinary shifts, and systemic challenges to education.

This consideration will be developed to help prompt the working group’s discussion and development of what initiatives might be developed to further promote Art and Design teaching and pedagogy towards more valuable and sustainable impacts.

Peter Martin