“Next steps of AADTE online activities” Online 17th Jun 2020:

Art and Design Teacher Education and Pedagogy CWG
Wednesday 17.6. at 11-13 CET, Zoom meeting
Chair: Martti Raevaara, Aalto University 


  1. Welcome and introduction
    – why this zoom meeting, background of the CWG
  2. Short introduction of participant
    – who we are, school and professional context
  3. New initiative from Cumulus Board
  4. Goals, contents & methods of this AADTE meeti
    – kick-off meeting to reimagine and concrete AADTE ways of collaboration
  5. Working group sessions and sharing outputs & results
  6. Next steps of AADTE CWG online activities

Slides from the first AADTE CWG online meeting on Wed 17th June 2020:
AADTE_CWG 17.6.2020.pdf